Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Lost Arts

Today I decided to teach not only myself but as well my 4 yr old daughter to crochet! I knew she would be up for the challenge but I was quite impressed with how quickly she caught on to the concept.
My husband and I have been highly aware lately at the unfortunate lack of basic self sufficient skills that todays society has. The world has quickly become dependent upon the convenient ease of aquiring absolutely anything they want at the click of a button. With such dependency in modern technology it frightens us to no end when you think of the magnitude on how lost most would be without the crutch of even just the internet alone!
We are more and more coming to realize that as parents it is our responsibility to aid our daughters in obtaining the nessessary know how to not only survive, but to be self sufficient in the event of every day conveniences for whatever reason no longer being available!
This includes skills such as:
  • Growing and producing our own food items. (a dream in the making for us)
  • Planning and Prepping for emergency scenarios
  • Storing and preserving
  • Making different sources for supplimental income
  • Making own clothing and household needs
  • Frugality in general (Needs vs Wants)
We have only scratched the surface with exploring these thoughts and ideas of how much we must change our own way of thinking let alone teaching our daughters, but with todays new project I got that warm fuzzy feeling on how I was giving my daughter an invaluable gift that unfortunately is quickly becoming a thing of the past in todays world!

Deep concentration!

So delighted in herself!! Her very first chain stitch! :-)

In a lovely Blog that I have just recently discovered Growing Home, Jacinda touches upon many like topics. Please check out her sight to explore her further thoughts on the subject as well as enter in a very generous giveaway she is hosting for a Lilla Rose hair flexi clip! Check out her Blog HERE!

This is the clip I am oggling! :-)

Have a Blessed Evening!!


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  1. Hello Dee! You are the winner of the Lilla Rose Giveaway! Please email me your mailing address, and the clip will be on its way shortly!