Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My heart is Overflowing in HIS name!

My cup truly runneth over while seaking His presence today! My heart aches for Him and I am truly Blessed with his Grace and Glory! Thank you Jesus for loving me as no one else can!

Well Done, My Faithful Flower

I asked the Lord to plant me as a flower full of grace
So that others who would see me would behold His lovely face.
And so He gently set my seed into the earth below
And caused my roots to settle deep and then the winds to blow.
But heavy rains and scorching sun each played a special part
In making me a flower that was charming to His heart.
But I asked the Lord to give me more that I could do for Him
To be far more than just a glimpse of beauty in the wind.
And so he chose to grace me with aroma from His heart
And caused me to smell sweet for Him and set me far apart
From ordinary flowers that just simply come and go
Never having any purpose, never having any glow.
Lord, let me do much more to help complete your perfect plan
And then I felt the awesome touch of God's almighty hand.
He gently took my life and picked each petal of my heart
And crushed them into sweet perfume and poured them in a jar.
A woman of the world came and bought me with pure gold
The fortune from her sinful life were wicked deeds untold.
Her wretched life was paved upon a road of lonely rocks.
And then she took me to her home and placed me in a box.
I asked the Lord, "What am I doing in this awful place?"
He whispered, "Just be still and see the glory on My face."
So many nights, so many days, I waited to fulfill
The moment I had longed for-to be in His perfect will.
And then one day I felt her lift her alabast box.
She carried it back down the road-this time not lined with rocks.
I heard her cry, I felt her pain, her eyes were filled with tears
And then she walked into a place that settled all her fears.
I felt a presence so divine, so special in the room
And from her alabaster box, she lifted my perfume.
I asked You Lord to do much more-Your purpose to complete
And so she broke my bottle and then poured me at His feet.
The others in the room that day spoke words that caused a roar.
My fragrance would have been best spent on substance for the poor.
But He hushed their shouts and softly said, "The plan is now complete."
The preparation for His death was kneeling at His feet.
I felt her hands caress His feet as she washed them with her tears
Her humble heart, her heavy load was lifted from her cares.
And then through strands of silky hair I looked up to behold
The glory of His countenance just as He had foretold.
He smiled as if He gazed on me with glory on His face
I felt His splendid presence through His mercy and His grace.
With eyes aglow and set on me I sensed His awesome power.
He gently whispered words of love, "Well done, my faithful flower."

In HIS Name Alone~

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