Thursday, May 19, 2011

Grow Garden GROW!! :)

I have been slowly crawling my way into the wonderful world of gardening. I absolutely love it but whether or not I have a green or black thumb I think is yet to be seen......
Yesterday we finally got a short break from the rain so I planted some poppy seeds I had picked up. Will those Poppy's decide to Pop up?? Your guess is as good as mine. I am never quite clear with the direction they write on the back of the packages, and the search I did online proved fruitless. I thought for sure on youtube I would find some sort of video with clear instructions but All I founnd was mainly starting seedlings in containers or quick how to's from businesses mainly only on to promote their company. Well for now I guess I'll be going off trial and error but at least that makes it a little more exciting for the wonderful world wide web to watch!!......NOT! ;-)
But here are some pics of what has poped up so far from last year (sadly I can't even remember all that I have in there!) I know I have at least Hydrangeas, Salvia, yarrow, rosemary.....and, uhmmm....yeah so anyways here are my before pics.

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