Sunday, May 22, 2011

Not surprised one bit!

Read below to see what this monkey did to me this morning!! Ahhhh motherhood!

Backyard view of a beautiful double rainbow we had tonight!

A little friend visiting!

Happy Sabbath everyone! :-)

Not surprised one bit that we are still here the day after a certain false prophet's mis-calculations but I am grateful that this incident has brought attention to true teachings of Christianity. I am grateful and glad to see people stand up and speak out that the false words of Harold Camping where not words of a Christian but of a man who simply was wanting to bring attention to himself and not to the Lord!

A dear lady of whoms blog I often visit captured a billboard that summed up the incident nicely . Simple and to the point....I love that!

This rainbow we had as well this evening I also think summed up the event nicely....looking at it made me think of God's promise, Grace and Mercy tonight....he still has much for us to live. His time is not yet and we still have much time to enjoy this glorious gift of life that he has given us. Please do not waste not one minute! Trust me I say this as much to myself as I do to anyone who may ever read this! It has become something I constantly remind myself of.

On a lighter note allow me to share with you the wonderful way I was woken up this morning by my one year old.......have you ever heard of the term "a wet willy"? When a person licks thier finger then sticks it in someone else's ear to gross them out......well this morning my dear precious little one topped that disgusting sensation to wake me up by sticking an open tube of lipstick with the lipstick part up, into my ear as you would a wet willy or a Q-tip! Talk about a very rude awakening! I have NO CLUE where she found it and what possessed this little thing to do that but alas she did and it took me quite a time to get it OUT of my ear as well as my hair! And she just stood there with her adorable 1 yr old baby smile! (pic above of the culprit...)

So yes that was my glorious wake call today.....I'll let you know when enough time has passed where I am able to laugh about it..... :(

May you all have a glorious night with no rude wake up calls of your own coming morning!!

Mark 13:32 & Matthew 24:35-36

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