Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I love and adore my children BUT.....

BUT.....I must admit being able to hear my own thoughts without interruption while on the back of my husband's bike was shear BLISS this weekend. Mommy and Daddy time alone, out and about is few and far between, but when we are able, we savor every moment! God Bless Mother in-laws!!
A month ago if you told me I would be on the back of a motorcycle exploring the country side feeling like a giddy teenager I would have laughed and said NOT Likely! But I am absolutely loving my husband's new toy! The freedom and peace I feel when we are just riding and exploring far exceeds what I ever would have imagined to feel! Like I said I absolutely adore my two girls but I am now starting to appreciate that sometimes Daddy and I need to just have a little ....non children time!
Do I feel guilty.....maybe a little.....will it stop us from doing it when ever the oportunity arrises?.....not a chance! :-)
Here is a glimpse of the beauty and serenity we were able to share and enjoy together!

NOTHING man makes can be more beautiful than what God has made for us to enjoy! I am always SO grateful to see such beauty and esp. to experience and appreciate it with my husband :)



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