Saturday, June 11, 2011

In Your Father's Hands

"One thing that I have learned in life is that through trial and adversity your faith will increase.
It will grow tremendously, and you will be ever thankful for the hard times that God has taken you through.
You will look back and say, “Thank you, Father. You are so good to me.”

~ Author Unknown

I have noticed this difference in myself  in the past few years. Whether it be from being a mother, or a wife or even more likely since inviting the Lord into my life fully. I have noticed that I deal with hardships in life completely diffently than I ever have before. Now I don't mean every day annoyances or petty inconveniences. I still lose my temper from time to time (in my self opinion at least) and plenty of things still frustrate me. But I have noticed that when it comes to dire situations...a knowing comes over me. A Knowing that we will overcome... a knowing that I am not alone....a knowing that what ever the outcome to said situation, it will be as it should be and it will soon be perfectly clear as to why it happened....a knowing that I or we will be grateful for the low times because it reminds us for all that we have...and most esp. a knowing that we are in these great mighty hands that wants the best for us and is the ONLY one that KNOWS what is indeed best for us!
I often wish I was able to pass on that comfort and "knowing" to those closest to me or even someone who I see who is without it. But unfortunately I don't believe it is something we can just simply tell others and they will just "get it".  I think one has to find it on their I wrong? Maybe I am just not savy enough with words to get the message accross. But I wish I could. What a gift it would be don't you think?

Just wanted to voice that want to you tonight...

“I’d much rather be with God in the storm, than all alone in comfort.”


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