Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sometimes we just need to be reminded...

No matter how strong your faith or even when your faith hasn't been in the forfront of your life for awhile...we all need to be reminded sometimes how much we all each are loved and appreciated! How we are so precious and cherished. Not only to those in our lives but by our Father!
For those who may need a reminder.....
I have some great news~ God loves you more than He loves what you do. When tears fall~He wants to wipe them away ~collecting them so that He can pour them back into our lives as a refreshing rain of restoration. God is waiting with outstretched arms for you to run to Him ~sharing every hurt and rejoicing in each victory. The Heavenly Father wants to bring peace and balance into our lives that we so desperately need.

Love what you have ladies and KNOW that you are loved by a force so great that no earthly love could come close!

This picture I took the other night just made me feel in awe as I watched these clouds roll in at such an awesome speed! They looked so dark and mysterious yet beautiful!

Smell every flower you come in contact with and KNOW that it was given by your greatest love of all!!


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